Cimarron Corpˇ

365-2010 chronicles the year 2010 with a daily photograph using a mobile phone camera.

The year was marked by significant change for me as I parted with the majority of my worldly possessions and moved from Canada to Australia to undertake doctoral studies. In addition to exploring the local landscape, there were visits to Adelaide, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane as well as New Zealand, France, Spain, and England. There is nothing profound here, just images of everyday things. Although the images certainly hold meaning for me, as an anonymous viewer there may be something here that captures your imagination.

The goal of the project was to be quick and not to fuss too much with technique or composition, just capture a moment in time, a visual memento. My weakness for in-camera applications - a saving grace of the low-resolution digital device - is evident and I make no excuses for experimenting with the technology. Apart from the applications, the images were subjected to minimal treatment (contrast, exposure, cropping, etc.) to create the final product.

In short, my motivation for the project was two-fold. The first was to create a visual diary of living in a new country and life chapter. The second was to document a portent time in the evolution of image making where the ability to make and share images in the digital age is unprecedented. My attempt to document this shift is presented in a short article I wrote titled Sunset Over Celluloid , which will be released in the forthcoming edition of Social Alternatives. I will include a link here when it is published.

Enjoy viewing and thank you for visiting.